....The journey has started 20 years ago in the Museum of Art in Nizhny Tagil city, Russia. I made and exhibited the first collection of  contemporary art works, sculpture and jewellery. 

The YAPOH’s collection was founded as a private Gallery  in 2013 and includes more than a hundred art objects of Modern Art – abstract paintings, graphics, watercolor paintings, prints, photography, medal art and sculpture.


I build invisible bridges between artists and spectators. As the constellations in the sky appear at a certain time of the year and establish a connection with humanity through their energy mission and magical power, so are my collections created and appeared in exhibitions and shows, based on their semantic and spiritual content. Beyond the material symbols and forms lie no doubt the spiritual intentions that give them meaning, but for the meaning to appear and for the world of concrete perception or of artistic formulation to be constituted there is required the projection of mind and memory into matter and space.

Working with certain artists, we are spiritually connected. This connection allows the artist to understand the motive for creating a particular work. I trust my intuition, which determines the location of the next art shows, their geographical space and audience.

I had no formal training in art but considering myself to have been profoundly influenced by visiting up museums in my early age.

This is the point along the way. I am the collector of art - things and I think the exhibitions of my art-collections could inspire other and I am not afraid of selling them....

Я строю невидимые мосты между художниками и зрителями. Как созвездия на небе появляются в определённое время года и устанавливают связь с человечеством посредством их энергетической миссии, их магической силы, так и мои коллекции создаются и являются на выставках и показах, исходя из их смыслового и духовного содержания.

Работая с определённым художниками, мы духовно связаны. Эта связь позволяет кпк художнику, так и мне понимать мотив создания той или иной работы.Я доверяю своей интуиции, которая определяет место следующего показа работ, их географическое пространство и аудиторию.

Я не получила специального арт-образования, но я нахожу себя подверженной этому влиянию с посещения музеев в раннем возрасте.